Eight original gift ideas for the end of year celebrations

Hourra, the big count has started. You know, the holidays aren’t just for kids. This is also the time when young and old alike get together with their family, collect love … and cassoulet. Now is a great time to please the people who really matter to us. This kind of attention requires inventiveness because you have to choose a gift that has meaning, which is not always easy. A little help wouldn’t be too much in the quest for the perfect item. We have therefore selected eight gift ideas for you that will undoubtedly inspire you regardless of the recipient of the attention.

1- A stay or a trip all expenses paid.
An all expenses paid stay in a relaxing place surrounded by nature or if you are more adventurous, a little trip in the regions of northern Benin would be an excellent way to spend time with family, friends or even with the man or the woman that you like.

2- A day in a beauty salon.
Offering a day in a beauty salon for a woman is the best way to delight her heart and make her happy. Whether it’s your mom, your sister, your best friend or the woman who shares your life, she’ll love being pampered from head to toe, all day long and without spending a dime. You could even go with him!

3-Why not a high tech watch.
A watch. It’s the classic gift that always pleases when carefully chosen taking into account the preferences of the person to whom it is going to be given. If he or she loves technology, it would be a fabulous surprise to get him or her a high tec watch.

4- Accessories made in Benin, it’s time to eat local.
Accessories made in Benin are the right compromise for making chic gifts without breaking the bank. We have leather goods, chocolate makers, designers, many promoters of Beninese brands regardless of the field who offer us quality at a lower cost. Make your choice !

5- An African doll for little girls.
Your little girl may be used to playing with your phone, with the control of your television set, with all the inappropriate objects that come into her hand and this can become a problem in the long run. Now that it’s Christmas, give her a doll. But not just any. More and more African dolls are marketed. They are representative and allow the child to identify with and feel beautiful without experiencing the “frizzy hair” or “black skin” complex.

6- A personalized jewel.
Is your friend, mother, wife or sister flirtatious and adore jewelry? Give her personalized jewelry. Engrave his name on it, or even yours. And since she loves jewelry, a jewelry box would be very useful for storing it.

7- A personalized jersey.
Also in the idea of ​​the personalized gift, we suggest that you offer your male friends and relatives football or basketball jerseys with their name / nickname on the back. The choice of jersey must obviously be made on the basis of their favorite clubs. Such attention will surely fill them with pride and gratitude towards you. A polo shirt or a towel with his name finely branded would also do very well.

8- Insurance: an universal gift!
We couldn’t finish this list without telling you about the famous insurance contract. It is THE UNIVERSAL GIFT BY EXCELLENCE, the most useful, the one that time will not alter, that will cause the lifelong recognition of the person or persons to whom you will have given it. The offers from African Life are numerous and will assuredly satisfy the people you love. From Sérénité Retraite to Sérénité Éducation, BE REASSURED that taking out an insurance contract with AA VIE is the best gift idea you could have had… and we are giving it to you for free.

Until you see the eyes of your loved ones light up with the gifts you will give them soon, we wish you a happy December and may the year end for everyone on a joyful note.